The Big, Bad Master List of Work-At-Home Jobs

make money master

The Big, Bad Master List of Work-At-Home Jobs   Freelance Writing Offers both flat fee compensation and residual. It is one of the harder opportunities to land and requires expertise and experience, but the pay is good if you have those. Academic Experts: Pays $7-$31 per double spaced page on any number of topics, […]

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Miscellaneous Money-Making Opportunities


Miscellaneous Money-Making Opportunities   We’ve come to the last post in my work-at-home series. Next week, I’ll share a masterlist for those of you who are looking to make money any way you can, along with a free printable version of the list so you can cross off options as you try them or eliminate […]

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25 Offline Side Gigs

offline side gigs

25 Offline Side Gigs Baby-sitting: It can be relatively easy to find people who need babysitters, especially if you’re a parent yourself as your friends are likely to have kids. You could also post an ad at your community library, post office, grocery store or join Bartending: This is a great option for those […]

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Why I Chose to Have Another Baby So Soon

why i chose to have another baby so soon

Why I Chose to Have Another Baby So Soon My husband and I recently told our families that we’re expecting again. It was very planned, as we’ve talked about when we wanted to have baby #2 since my daughter was about 3 months old. We wanted her to be between 18 months and 2 years […]

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Over 40 Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs

customer service jobs

Over 40 Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs   American Express: Hires several times a year for various positions with good pay and benefits. American Support: Call-center type jobs from home. Apple: Occasional openings for Itunes chat adviser, and they are currently hiring. Arise: Involves fees to get started as a Customer Service Agent. Beep Directed:Make calls […]

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Establishing Lasting Memories: Why I Created an E-mail Address for My Child

lasting memories

Lasting Memories: Why I Created an E-mail Address for My Child           We all do it, the obsessive photo taking and video filming. It’s part of being a parent. I have way more photos than I could ever possibly use, and even the ones that don’t turn out so great are […]

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Administrative Work-at-Home: 63 Companies That Hire

administrative work-at-home

Administrative Work-at-Home: Customer Service, Data Entry, Transcription, Translating, & Virtual Assistance Companies That Hire Most of these turned out to be virtual marketplaces, and many will apply to other freelance endeavors like writing and graphic/web design as well.  As most of them are marketplaces, there are no set wages that I can list here for […]

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10 Must Have Items for Your One-Year-Old’s Christmas List

10 xmas gifts

My daughter will be ten months in 3 days, what a scary thought! On Christmas she won’t be quite 11 months, but I’m not buying her anything that isn’t going to grow with her. Who wants to spend all that money on something she’ll use for a month, and really, she has just about every […]

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25 Days of Christmas Traditions

25 days of christmas traditions

Sorry for that unannounced break all! I visited family out of state for the holiday, and I fully anticipated being able to post while my mom spent time with the baby. Unfortunately a mobile crawler/beginning-to-walker in a not baby-proofed home turned out to be way more of a handful than I was anticipating! Because of […]

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Places to Sell Online to Make Money: From Store-Bought and Handmade Items to Art and Digital Products

places to sell online

Places to Sell Online to Make Money: From Store-Bought to Handmade Items and Art Selling your own products is a huge part of earning an income online, and also for establishing your brand.  Whatever type of product goes with that brand, or even just to sell stuff you have laying around the house to make […]

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